Important personalities attended to the last WinterFest, that took place in Lake Mary, Florida. Three days of pure trainning with all our very best masters: George Mattson, Jim Maloney, Buzz & Judy Durkin, Bruce Whiterall, Lee Adams, Rik Lostrito, Harry Skeffington, Tom Placentini, John Spencer, Jannet Okazaki, Darin Yee, Justin Testa, Karen Van Ness, Tim Dando, Bill Glasheen, Robert Goff, Patty Dando, Mac Hutchinson, Robb Buckland, Cecilia Salbuchi, Greg Postal.

The event took place from Thursday 9 to Saturday March 11, and more than 60 people passed and trained with us in those three fantastic days.

Hope to see you all again next WinterFest!

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