On October 25, International Karate Day was celebrated around the world, commemorating the meeting of great masters that took place in Naha, Okinawa, in 1936, where this name was determined for the martial art developed on this island.

Normally on this date there are exhibitions to celebrate, but this time the pandemic forced all karateka to look for other means.

In the case of the ITKF (International Traditional Karate Federation) organization to which the entity represented in SCMAA by Cecilia Salbuchi Sensei (Argentina) is affiliated, seminars were held on different aspects of Karate and Kobudo.

We leave you the schedule of activities and the video.

  1. Sensei Martinna Rey (Brasil) – Link 3.49
  2. Sensei Tasuke Watanabe (Japón) – Link 26.15
  3. Sensei Tsuguo Sakumoto (Okinawa, Japón) – Link 37.03
  4. Sensei Hector Maroli (Argentina) – Link 56.17
  5. Sensei Cornel Musat (Rumania) – Link 1.13.38

One thought to “International Karate Day Seminars”


    O progresso é o desenvolvimento gradual do poderio humano sobre a matéria; é, sobretudo, o desenvolvimento da sua moralidade.

    Parabens a todos os envolvidos.


    Progress is the gradual development of human power over the subject; it is, above all, the development of their morality.

    Congratulations to all those involved.



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