Apr 24 2014

Sensei Tim Dando awarded title of Shihan

In a moving ceremony, Wednesday, April 23rd, George Mattson awarded Tim Dando the rank and title of Shihan. Award took place at the “Park Building” in downtown Mount Dora.
tim dando shihan award

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Aug 20 2012

Welcome to SCMAA website

Mattson – Okinawa, 1957

Welcome to the South China Martial Arts Alliance. Although this organization has been around for many years, it has only recently gained attention within the martial art community.

As president of the IUKF (International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation) I’ve been primarily concerned with the activities and standards within the Uechi-ryu community. Often, other teachers from Goju-ryu, Shorin-ryu and many other systems would request membership and I would have to tell them that the IUKF was strictly for Uechi practitioners.

Realizing that although there were a number of organizations in existence that were recruiting members from any system and only service they were providing was issuing rank (of questionable value) and expensive dinners where lofty titles were given, I decided to form an organization that was dedicated to legitimate organization and their members, whose martial art systems had roots in Southern China. Only recently have the original members of this organization decided to “go public” and reach out to the many practitioners of Southern China systems, by creating a web site and nominating a president and membership director//treasurer who would direct and lead the organization as it developed.

I am very honored to announce that Shihan Tom Bentley has been nominated as president and Shihan David Berndt as membership director/treasurer. I was asked to provide guidance and support by filling the role of senior advisor to the organization.

Welcome to all members. I hope you become active participants of this website. Where we go from here will in large measure, be determined by you and the other members.


George E. Mattson

South China Delegation & Mattson 2002

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Aug 19 2012

Central Florida SCMAA Promotional

October 24, 2011

First SCMAA Central Florida promotional.

Joe Gidery, George Mattson, Kelly Sanders, Tom Bentley, David Berndt

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